Surveillance:  Custom-designed programs for determining species composition, population levels, infection rates, and control efficacy including sentinel chicken and/or wild bird arbovirus surveillance.

Repellent Testing: Laboratory and field studies to determine product efficacy, dosage levels, and repellent duration against multiple mosquito species and other biting arthropods.

Trap Systems:  Product development assistance. Field studies comparing species and numbers captured.

Identification:  Rapid identification of insects and related arthropods.

Training: Continuing education credits in Public Health Pest Control, Environmental Health, and Limited Governmental Pest Control; Mosquito and Tick Identification Courses; and, certification in Forensic Entomology.

Larvicide Testing:  Replicated field plot or natural habitat bioassays of new products and formulations against a variety of mosquito species.

Adulticide Testing:  Evaluation of ground or aerially applied insecticides for control of mosquitoes and other biting flies.

Resistance Testing:  Wild mosquito insecticide susceptibility evaluation.